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Living with the Wind

I apologize if this old new for all (I'm sure for some), but I'm reading Scott
Weidensaul's __ Living on the Wind, Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds__,
1999.  (Nominated for a Pulitzer).  It is just fascinating.. as one reviewer said
"It's science that reads like adventure with well-drawn characters...."
The author is a wonderful storyteller, which I already knew having witnessed his
mesmerizing instruction to classes of school children and other visitors at Bob and
Martha Sargent's bird banding session at Fort Morgan, AL this April.
Incidentally Sargent reports that although banding was sparse this season, the reason
was that good weather sent the birds pushing on and not pausing 'til hundreds of
miles north of the coast in many cases.  It was a super season for successful
transgulf migration, he writes in his newsletter.

Beth Wiley
Pawleys Island, SC

"A little learning is a dang'rous thing;
....shallow draughts intoxicate the brain.."
(A. Pope)