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need birder rehab info

Hi, We recently returned from almost 12 months of birding and sightseeing
in Alaska, the Northwest and Southwest.  And now I cannot locate the name
of the person or persons who do bird rehab.  This morning I received a call
from a lady who has had a Cardinal for about 2 weeks - it is missing many
of its feathers on one wing and cannot fly.  However, it is content to live
on her screened porch, eating wild bird seed and drinking water.  Other
Cardinals come to the railing and they 'chat' back and forth.  Her question
is - how soon will those feather grow back so it can fly and be released?
Any help will be appreciated.

And about our Awesome Alaska Adventure - if anyone is interested in more
info please e-mail me directly.  I kept a journal (which is very long) but
would be glad to send portions to you.

George & Judy Halleron
Harbor Island, Beaufort Co. SC