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Re: DNA and Willow Flycatcher

Hi Chris,
	I am impressed by your knowledge and experience. (and I don't mean to be
patronizing)  My point was that there are some experienced field observers
out there who believe they heard the same empid sing both the Alder and
Willow song. Such reports should not immediately be dismissed. Though I
really don't know what you could do with those reports. To me, the Shy
Albatross analogy seemed strained and not to the point. Actually, it got me
P..... off! I've recovered.
	Putting the focus where it belongs-to the case at CawCaw, it is probably
too late now, but perhaps the songs could have been taped and a sonogram
made of the songs and compared to willow and alder sonograms. Wouldn't that
go a long way to clarify whether the same empid really can and does sing
both songs? I got the impression from the post by George Crumley that the
empid has returned to the site from last year. Maybe someone needs to get
set up for next year.

Best regards, 

Jack Peachey
Conway, SC