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5th Annual Bio-Blitz on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Just wanted to make sure that everyone knows about the Bio-Blitz coming 
up in three weeks on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Should be a good time for 
birders to come up to the mountains and have a look around.  Not only 
will it be a good time, but it will also provide good information for 
Parkway managers, helping us protect our natural resources.  

If you have any questions or would like more information than is provided 
below, please call Bob Cherry at 828/295-7591.  

Hope to see you all at Price Park in three weeks.


You're Invited to the 
5th Annual BIO-BLITZ 
on the
Blue Ridge Parkway

WHAT IS A BIO-BLITZ? - A Bio-Blitz is a 48-hour event held over three 
days to find and record as many different species as possible within a 
designated area. Specialists from a variety of fields will comb the woods 
(and streams and rocks) in search of both the common and the unusual.  A 
Bio-Blitz will provide valuable information on species and ecosystems 
found on the Parkway.  

WHO'S INVOLVED? - The Blitz is sponsored by the Resource Management staff 
of the Blue Ridge Parkway, a unit of the National Park Service.  Experts 
in a variety of natural science fields from local universities and 
colleges, state and federal agencies, private organizations and clubs, 
and individuals are invited to attend.  Over the last four years we have 
had more than 80 people representing many specialties participate in our 

1. We don't know how to identify the different taxa you all do.  You're 
the experts with the knowledge to identify things we've never even heard 
of.  We'd like to take advantage of that expertise.  
2. Our job is to protect the natural resources in our park.  Unless we 
know what's out there, it's awfully hard to protect it.  Your species 
lists will tell us what we have and what we need to be especially 
concerned about.  
3.  It will be fun!!! Normally fun isn't supposed to be a justification 
for a scientific endeavor, yet we're looking forward to getting in the 
field with old acquaintances and making new friends.  What could be 
better than walking through the woods with fellow naturalists looking at 
the plants and animals?  

1.  It's a great chance to meet face-to-face with people you've talked to 
on the phone or whose publications you've read. Spend the day with your 
colleagues. Develop new personal and professional relationships.  
2.  Learn something about your local area.  People often think of the 
Parkway as just a road and mowed shoulders.  There's all lot more to it 
than that.  Come on out and see what's out here.  
3.  It will be fun!!!

WHEN WILL IT OCCUR? -  The Bio-Blitz will begin at 3:00 PM Friday August 
10, 2001 and end 48 hours later at 3:00 PM on Sunday August 12.  
Searchers are welcome to come out for as long or as short as they wish 
and during whatever time period their species are most observable.  A 
close-out session will begin at 1:30 PM on the 12th to give everyone a 
chance to tell what they found.  

WHERE WILL IT TAKE PLACE? - This year's Blitz will be centered in Price 
Park at Milepost 296/297 on the Parkway, about four miles south of the 
Blowing Rock. The area is a nice mix of forests with agricultural 
pastures and open lawns. Price Lake and Boone Fork are the major water 
systems but the area also contains seeps, small streams, and rock faces.  
Something for everyone.  

We'd love to see you out here.  We will send out more information later 
this spring but if you can't wait please feel free to call Bob Cherry at 
828/295-7591 (or email at Bob_Cherry@nps.gov) or Lillian McElrath at 
828/765-6082 (or email at Lillian_McElrath@nps.gov).  

Please feel free to share this information with your colleagues. 
The more the merrier!  

Bob Cherry
Resource Management Specialist

Blue Ridge Parkway
National Park Service
5580 Shulls Mill Road
Blowing Rock, NC  28605

E-mail: Bob_Cherry@nps.gov
Phone:  (828) 295-7591
FAX:    (828) 295-0337