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Sunset Beach birding


My birding bud lives in the town limits and called upon her mayor, as
requested,  "whenever you have a problem"  to resolve our problem with her
beach patrol man.  She said she would "speak to him- that we were to feel
free to continue to bird where we were accustomed to".  So it looks like it
is back to what it should be, and anyone should feel free to bird where they
want on the beach and flats, always respecting (in other words staying off
out of respect), the roped -off breeding areas, and the dunes and sea oats
that are a necessity to combat the storms' effects.

Thank you to our Birder/lawyer who advised me on the public vs. what's
private re beaches and estuarine land.

And the consensus of opinion seems to be the blue jay was anting.  I never
realized that the bird would become completely comatose.

Good birding,
Mary McDavit, outside Sunset Beach, NC