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Re: Vines for fences??

>             My back-door neighbor has put up a chain link fence (to keep
>her rambunctious dog at home) and plans to plant ivy to grow on the
>fence.  What would be a better choice??  Something that would attract
>birds/butterflies??  The back of her lot is moderately wooded and ours
>has a hedgerow of sorts.  Any suggestions I could pass on to her would
>be greatly appreciated.
>Ruth Roberson
>Durham, NC

RUTH . . .

Although it can get a little rowdy at times, I have high praise for 
Trumpet Creeper (Campsis radicans). It's native, is a hummingbird 
magnet, produces nice foliage and attractive flowers, and makes a 
great screen when planted on a fence. See 
http://www.rubythroat.org/CreeperTrumpetMain.html . It does require 
some sun.

You can always knock it back with a blowtorch if it gets out of hand.  :-)

Best wishes,


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