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Dead Virginia Rail

While driving home on Weaver Dairy Road just outside of Chapel Hill I
found a dead rail on the road. All I could tell was that it was not a
Sora, but my id skills were not good enough to tell if it was a Virginia
or a King. Upon bringing it home I discovered that it had a deep wound on
the back of the neck and another around the undertail coverts. I guess
this means that some predator caught hold of it by the neck. It is much
drabber than any of the illustrations of of either King or VIrginia Rails
in the Sibley book, but I am leaning towards an Immature Virginia. It is
in good shape and museum-worthy. It is sitting in my freezer in a plastic

Now the question is: What next?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Shantanu Phukan

Lecturer in Urdu-Hindi & Indian Literature
University of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill
Curriculum in Asian Studies
Alumni Hall 413C
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27599