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Re: Breeding range of Pine Siskins

It is hard to say what is an official range for Pine Siskin, as they are
so erratic from summer to summer in their nesting. Unlike Alder
Flycatcher, for example, which every summer seems to show up and nest at
the same places, and we can say that the southern end of the range is at
the Graveyard Fields/Shining Rock area at the southern end of the Blue
Ridge Parkway -- we can't say that for the siskin. But, the birds are
present essentially every summer in the spruce-fir zone of the NC
mountains, sometimes nesting and sometimes not. But, any field guide
OUGHT to portray the range as extending as far south as this zone --
namely as far south as the s. end of the BRP, to also include the spine
of Great Smoky Mountains NP, etc. After all, there are some definitive
nesting records for NC.

Harry LeGrand 

Reece Mitchell wrote:
> What is the "official" breeding range of Pine Siskins? They are present all
> summer above about 5000 ft. in NC, but all the range maps I've seen show the
> summer range much further north.
>                                                      Reece
> Reece 'n Judy Mitchell
> Flat Rock, NC
> rmitche2@tds.net

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