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Alligator River Christmas Bird Count

Hi folks:
	I really need your help! First, I need to set a date for the upcoming (new)
Christmas count of the Dare Mainland (most of the Alligator River National
Wildlife Refuge) and it needs to be on a date that runs consecutively with
the other nearby counts in order to (hopefully) recruit your help. I have
not yet seen a posting on Carolinabirds with the CBC dates; has it been on
and I just missed it? The second thing I need is your help on count day, of
course. I know that technically all the count circles are the same size, but
this circle looks to me like it will take a big crew to get the job done.
The Fish & Wildlife people will help of course, but I really need you
birders to help pull this off. Us locals will try to provide lodging for as
many of you as we can. Many thanks!
	Jeff Lewis
	Manteo, NC