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experience in SC

A most touching experience Saturday afternoon in
Loris, SC.
As I was walking across the back yard, I looked up to
see a big flapping insect in front of my face. He was
just staring at me in the same position for a long
time, even though it probably was not as long as I
felt.I watched him and realized it was a hummer. He
flew away and I broke out of my shock. My husband was
coming up behind me and told me he saw it too.I don't
know if he was attracted to my red clothes.
I assumed that he was telling me he needed a fresh
potion.I changed the feeder immediately.I read his
message loud and clear.
Birds have been scarce this week. But Sat, the feeders
seemed to be fairly busy again with finches.
Phyllis Williams 

What if birds were watching us like we do them? Could we be classified? What would their observation data say?
Smile -you're on Bird's Eye View!

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