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Re: Chapel Hill Bird Club Newspaper Article

First of all, I would like to say that Rob Gluck gave
an excellent presentation on Monday evening at the
CHBC. Thanks, Rob!
Even you pesky nay-sayers would have to have hope for
the Ivory-billed Woodpecker....

I called the local news reporter yesterday to try to
make sure he didn't misquote any comments re. hummers
(names, locations, etc.).
In fact, I asked him to leave hummer stories out
altogether and do one at a later date as I wanted to 
have him do a story if, make that WHEN, a rufous shows
up. He could then get accurate info from Susan
and others.
I was woefully misquoted re. no Rufous wintering east
of the Mississippi...and the call back proves his
story was already submitted prior to my call and not
I also don't think "thousands" of birders descended on
Concord to see the Mango (did I say
green-breasted??)...hundreds is more accurate.
I had no idea this guy was writing down our
post-meeting conversations and my enthusiasm may have
gotten the best of me on that "quote". 
Mea culpa.
So, please, no deluges of mail to correct me!

At least we got some good local press!

Jill Froning
n Chatham Co, NC

and, yes, I do have a big red tin roof, and jokingly
continue to ask if that is why I end up refilling 15
feeders 2-3 times a day in July and August...

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