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Re: the Greene Tract ?

Rob and others--It is the 'Adams tract' and is the chunk of land that runs 
along Bolin Creek from Estes Drive Extension (at the railroad 
tracks/Carrboro town line) into the woods and toward (I believe) the high 
school. If you are a mountain biker, you know the area, because it is very 
popular for biking. You will see a batch of cars parked at the entrance to 
the path on weekends, where people have unloaded their bikes. It is pretty 
much all woods, and a great place to walk, as well. Carrboro is hoping that 
the land trust/any other such group will support purchasing and preserving 
it for primarily recreation purposes, as opposed to someone who would 
develop it for housing.--Jean

--On Wednesday, September 26, 2001 5:36 PM +0000 "Rob G." 
<thrush@hotmail.com> wrote:

>   At a recent town council meeting the ?Greene Tract? was discussed as
> the ?last large undeveloped tract of land in Chapel Hill? (around 160
> acres) -- is anyone out there familiar with it?  As best I could tell it
> lies somewhere between Homestead and Eubanks Rd., north end of Chapel
> Hill, close to me though I?ve never heard of it. Anybody know if it is
> decent birding territory, or how to get to it and where to park?  I
> believe it would fall in area #5 of our count circle if someone doing
> that section is familiar with it.   Thanks for any info...if I don?t hear
> from anyone I?ll check with City Hall in a few days for info.
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