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Hummingbird bathing


This is my first post to Carolinabirds, though I've been lurking a while,
and I'd like to say that I greatly enjoy the birding news and 'gossip' that
goes on here.

Anyway, this morning I witnessed some new RTHB behaviour, for me at least,
so I thought I'd pass it on. Apologies if this is old hat to most people.

Whilst restocking the deck feeders on this rather chilly morning I noticed
some movement a short distance away on a smallish broad-leaf tree/bush
(sorry - not a botanist). After quickly fetching my binoculars I could
finally see the cause of the disturbance. A RTHB was half-sitting,
half-hovering around the big leaves, apparently using the dew accumulations
as a kind of shallow bath with which to clean itself. I was amazed.

Regards, Rob.
Raleigh, NC.