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New Sibley Guide

Hi Everybody,
I just got my new copy of "The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior."
Wow!  I know what I am going to be reading in front of the TV for the next
month.  Got mine for 30% off list from Amazon.com.  They had a more
descriptive editorial comment cut and pasted below.

Editorial Reviews
From Publishers Weekly
Not to be confused with standard field guides to birds, this far-reaching
companion to last year's The Sibley Guide to Birds complements the best of
those avian catalogues that birders take along on their quests for more
species to add to their "life lists." Here, the editors have compiled essays
from leading ornithologists on bird anatomy, ethology and behavior to round
out bird-watchers' knowledge. This National Audubon Society publication
details the 80 families of birds found in North America, with hundreds of
Sibley's acclaimed full-color paintings, maps, charts and illustrations.
Topics range from the familiar migration, feeding, mating, nesting to the
esoteric, including feather structure, eye configuration, DNA
classification, evolution, hybridization and much more. Readers will learn
about bird respiration, metabolism, excretion, vocalizations, senses and
intelligence, among other subjects. Although the information is as detailed
as a textbook, the writing is jargon-free, light and accessible. Well
conceived in structure and conducive to easy reference, the volume ends with
a detailed glossary, professional biographies of its dozens of scholarly
contributors and a convenient species checklist, based upon the American
Ornithologists' Union guidelines. Whether one is a serious expeditionary
birder or a casual backyard observer of avian life, this book is a must-have
reference. 796 full-color paintings.

I was pleased.
See you in the field,
Stephen Harris
Winston-Salem, NC