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Sheperd Trail

I finally got to bird this morning after an absence of almost a month. 

The shephard Nature trail this morning was simply amazing. Ran into Steve
Perry and Amalie Tuffin and together we located:

one female black throated blue
several black Throated greens
many magnolias
many redstart females
one Tenessee Warbler
One Worm Eating Warbler
One singing Yellow Rumped Warbler (almost sure)
One Red Eyed Vireo
One Yellow Billed Cuckoo
One Yellow Belied Sapsucker
Two Golden Crowned Kinglet
One Ruby Crowned Kinglet.

I take back everything I have ever said, thought or flet about Duke Forest
being a birding sink.

Shantanu Phukan

Lecturer in Urdu-Hindi & Indian Literature
University of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill
Curriculum in Asian Studies
Alumni Hall 413C
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27599