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VA mountains: Roanoke area

Went for a long weekend to the Roanoke/Blue Ridge Pkway area. Didn't get a 
chance to do any birding per se (bad weather, small child), but while 
driving the Blue Ridge Pkway near Peaks of Otter Sunday morning had 
beautiful sighting of a flock of wild turkeys (about 10). They were 
foraging on a dirt side road near the main road. Also saw what was probably 
a red-tail hawk swooping down and then tussling with a squirrel by the 
roadway!  Both were startled by the car and the squirrel got away. Sorry, 

Off-topic for a moment: Also saw deer, of course; I was struck by how large 
they were compared to the deer I usually see around the Triangle. Is this 
just coincidence?


Paula Mangiafico
Durham, NC