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Re: Graveyard "Field of Dreams"

I also saw my life golden eagle at Graveyard Fields in 1986. This was only a
year or two after I'd started birding "seriously" (i.e listing). Since that
time I've often missed the spectacular moments when I've been on the wrong
side of the bushes when that non-Kentucky Oporonis "just flew".  However,
the golden eagle at Graveyard Fields was a sighting that I soaked up.  The
bird soared over the ridge and provided a sight that's still with me. The
gold on its neck was absolutely glittering in the sunlight!  The area is
apparently a "Field of Dreams" as far as golden eagles are concerned.

Drew Lanham, Ph.D., CWB
Clemson University
Department of Forest Resources

Clyde Sorenson wrote:

> I'd love to hear more about the Graveyard Fields golden eagle sighting.
> I saw my first golden eagle there 21 years ago. It exploded over the
> high ridgetop pursued by three or four angry ravens. It was a full adult
> and was absolutely spectacular. It'd be neat to know that the area still
> has something golden eagles like.
> Clyde Sorenson
> clyde_sorenson@ncsu.edu
> Clayton and Raleigh, NC