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Fwd: Re: Fw: Balloons and the environment

Thanks to all who answered my question on balloons and the environment. It 
made a difference!

Russ Palmeri
Asheville, NC 

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Subject: Re: Fw: Balloons and the environment
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 17:10:26 EDT
From: Mkbmat@aol.com
To: <rpalmeri@mindspring.com>

Russ,  I went to the principal with your e-mails and told him that part of
 our pledge is to be caring, concerned citizens, and that we would be harming
 the animals, etc.  He took the letters, and by the end of the day (after
 also visiting a website for kids that has info. on this), he passed out a
 note to all teachers that the balloon launch had been cancelled!! I can't
 tell you how thrilled I was.  I told my students all about it, and we
 rejoiced together.

Just thought you would want to know.  Thanks for all your help.  We saved
 some wildlife. :)

Love to all,