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A ride needed to Wings Over Water November 1 or 2

Hi C-birders,

Those of you who have asked (or commented) about our honeymoon, I'm about 
to get to that, and other things. Stay tuned (or get your delete button 
warmed up) for another message or two soon.

But first: My new wife and I are slated to attend Wings Over Water the 
weekend after next, November 2-4. I had been planning to drive out there 
as soon as I finish TAing my lab on Thursday November 1. However, my wife 
has some activities at her job at the state botanical garden on Friday 
Nov. 2 that she doesn't think she should miss. We own only one car 
between us (it's un-American, I know; and the car's Japanese to boot).

Is anyone else from the Triangle heading out to W.O.W that could give 
either her a ride on Friday evening, or me a ride on Thursday?



Joshua S. Rose
Duke University
Department of Biology (Zoology, R.I.P.)