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RFI - South Carolina Trip

I am planning a solo vacation for February or early March (my partner is
in the final stages of her Ph.D. and won't be taking any breaks at that
point) and one of the options I am considering is driving around South
Carolina to hit some of the birding hot spots - all of the places I have
said I should go to for the weekend but have never managed to get to.
The places I know I am interested in are Huntington Beach State Park,
Beidler Forest, and Congaree Bluffs.

I am interested in any other suggestions for places to go, places to
stay, and the best time to go.  I know later in March or April might be
a better time for the trip, but let's just say I know I'll need the
vacation before then ;-)


Amalie Tuffin
Durham, NC