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-25 killdeer@L. Wheeler& where are the ducks in Chatham?

At my last birding class at Lake Wheeler on a
beautiful day Saturday, we saw a flock of killdeer on
a sandbar in the lake near Swift creek. They were so
funny,and fun to see so many at once. Absent were the
osprey that we have seen continuously, and the great
egrets. One coot had arrived and the creek was filled
with dueling singing White-throated sparrows and song
sparrows crossing back and forth. We were entertained
for a long time with a male common yellowthroat at
extremely close proximity gleaning insects in an
almost leafless shrub. The new birders were enthralled
with his beauty and color. Don't we lose alot of our
yellowthroats in the winter? Numbers at Christmas
counts for us have been low or none.
The fall colors were absolutely Gorgeous!! so late it
seems for so many shades of gold, orange and red.
Caught a quick glimpse of brown creeper creeping as
well and massive flocks of red-winged blackbirds
flashing their magnificence in the orange tinted
reflection off the lake. Wow, such light and neon-like
Also a question for Triangle area duck lovers-where is
the best and easiest place to see ducks in Feb. in
Chatham or Orange Co? 
Thanks, Kate

Kate Finlayson
N. Chatham Co.,N.C.

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