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Carolina RBA November 9 Update

hotline: Carolina Rare Bird Alert
date: November 9, 2001
number : 704-332-2473
To report: 704-332-2473 or 704-532-6336 or PiephoffT@aol.com
coverage: North and South Carolina
compiler: Taylor Piephoff for the Carolina Bird Club

Hello, this is a November 9 update Of the Carolina Rare Bird Alert  featuring 
birding news from North and South Carolina sponsored by the Carolina Bird 
Club. Highlights on this report include:


A TROPICAL KINGBIRD is being seen on NC's Outer Banks at Pea Island NWR. The 
bird is most often seen around the small pond on the east side of Hwy. 12 at 
the north dike of South Pond. The kingbird will range west along the dike 
occasionally. Entry to South Pond is prohibited; please obey all No Entry 
signs. Park along the highway shoulder. The TROPICAL KINGBIRD always returns 
to the small pond where viewing is easy.

A SPRAGUE'S PIPIT is still being seen at Cape Hatteras Point in NC but may 
require much patience to locate. Just south of the east end of the Salt Pond 
at the Point is a bare mudflat. Look around the grassy edges of the north end 
of this flat for the pipit. If unsuccessful, try walking west from the north 
end through tall, thick grass to a more open, sparsely vegetated area. The 
pipit has been seen in this area as well. 

On November 4, a FORK-TAILED FLYCATCHER caused excitement as it moved north 
from Pea Island NWR to Nag's Head during the day. The bird has not been seen 
since that day.

Other birds to look for on the Outer Banks include EURASIAN WIGEON at North 
Pond, CINNAMON TEAL at North Pond, EARED GREBES at North Pond and the Cape 
Hatteras Point Salt Pond, CLAY-COLORED SPARROWS at North Pond and the Coast 
Guard Station at Oregon Inlet.

Just west of the Outer Banks, look for a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK at Alligator River 
NWR. Scan the fields along Milltail Rd. and Long Curve Rd. south of US 64.

A WESTERN KINGBIRD has been present at Kure Beach, NC but was not seen Nov. 
7. Birders in the Fort Fisher area can check around 1013 Ft. Fisher Blvd. S. 
to try and relocate this bird.

An AM. TREE SPARROW was seen at Cowan's Ford Refuge in Mecklenburg Co. NC on 
11- 3. The bird has not been relocated since that day. Another AM. TREE 
SPARROW was seen in Allegheny County, NC on 11- 2 but has not been seen since.

Thanks this week to Jeff Lewis, Bruce Smithson, Ricky Davis, Danny Swicegood, 
and John Fussell for their calls and reports.

Taylor Piephoff
Charlotte, NC