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neighborhood Snipe

  surprised today to find a lone Common Snipe foraging on lawn behind 
Colonial Arms Apts (just south of Airport Rd., corner of Hillsborough and 
Bolinwood Sts.Chapel Hill). Seemed very out-of-place in the well-mowed apt 
lawn although it does border Bolin Creek.  Got within 20 ft. of him (trying 
to see if he was injured) before I backed away. At
one point he abruptly hunched down in grass, I thought due to my approach 
but then a shadow swooped across grass that turned out to be a low-flying 
Red-shouldered Hawk!
  Also, along Bolin Creek Greenway in last week, flocks of Cedar Waxwings, a 
Pileated, and approximately 22.4 jazillion Robins enjoying Indian summer as 
much as the rest of us.

Rob Gluck
Chapel Hill

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