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Y-b Sapsuckers and Leonids

This morning from 0330 until first light on North Carolina's Lake Norman,
insomniac birders (like me and my daughter Alex) will have seen in the dark
of the star-studded sky an immense flock of bright, fast Leonid meteors at
the estimated average rate of approx. 3000/hr (nearly 1/sec.!!!), including
FIVE (!) "bolides" (exploding meteors) and two rare "out-of-radiant" meteors
(those coming right AT the observer). Nearly all of these "birds" left
"trains" (meteor trails) of trampled velvet among the bright starflowers.

Yesterday, in the early afternoon, a pair of vocal Sapsuckers, "maa-aah"ing
like catbirds flew among the lower levels of the large trees in our yard,
creeping up the trunks in plain view.

Tomm "naughty boy" Lorenzin
Mooresville (Lake Norman), NC
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