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Western Grebe Maybe

Today at Falls Lake I saw what I think is the Western Grebe.  I started at
the swimming area and was joined by John and his daughter Helen.  We scanned
the area for 45 minutes and decided to go to the boat ramp to check it out.
We scanned for 15 minutes with no luck.  I watched a boat approach from the
left of Sandling beach and decided to check out what it might flush my
way.It scared up some Ring Bill Gulls and a bigger boy. Black above and
white underneath and definitely not a loon or cormorant.  It flew back
toward the swimming area.  We decided to go back there.  I saw the bird only
once before it flew again.  It was only 5 or 6 feet over the water and
heading back toward the Sandling Beach. I could not locate it again. Judging
by the size comparison to the R B Gulls I think I can conclude that this was
the western Grebe.  Horned Grebe are still present and well as Pied Bill

Edith Tatum