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hummer anatomy; SC CBCs

Hi Carolinabirders,

Had an accipiter, a Cooper's I think, whiz by me on Oregon St. yesterday 
as I walked to the bus stop. It was perhaps 2 feet off the ground. It did 
a quick Z-curve around a hedge and disappeared.

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, Norman Budnitz wrote:
> Subject: Re: Broad-billed Hummer (Sunday)
> Broad-billed or Broad-tailed?
> Quoting Joshua Stuart Rose <jsr6@duke.edu>:
> >  
> > Shantanu Phukan and I saw the Broad-billed Hummingbird

Oops! Sorry about that. Yes, I meant Broad-TAILED. Makes it more 
difficult to keep those names straight when you get both in one season, 
and when the names are kind of odd and don't relate at all to identifying 
them in the field. I mean, how much broader is the tail of Broad-tailed, 
or the bill of a Broad-billed, compared to other hummingbirds? Certainly 
not enough to tell with binoculars; maybe with callipers. (I could make a 
similar complaint about Broad-winged Hawks, and probably many other 

Jack Peachey and Gary Phillips also caught my little boo-boo. Can't put 
anything over on those Huntington Beachers!

Speaking of you folks from South of the Border, can anyone down there 
tell me the SC CBC schedule, especially for counts within driving range 
of Columbia? Atlanta-area count information would also be appreciated, 
for those of you who cross over with the GA listserv. The wife and I are 
plotting our holiday schedule, which will definitely include New Year's 
and thereabouts on Lake Murray, but possibly also including time in 
Atlanta, Chicago, and right back here in Durham. I already know the 
schedule of Triangle counts; I'm trying to figure out in which of those I 
can participate, if I'll have time to finally help with a count in 
coastal NC (maybe the new Alligator River one), and whether I can find 
CBCs in the other locations in which I can take part. I managed to sneak 
onto the Rock Hill/York CBC at the last minute last year...

Thanks, and good birding,


Joshua S. Rose
Duke University
Department of Biology (Zoology, R.I.P.)