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Lake Wateree CBC

I wanted to confirm the date of the Lake Wateree, SC, CBC.  The date Josh
gave is correct - 4 January, 2002. Though I had originally scheduled the
date of 5 January, 2002, I moved the date to 4 January in order not to
conflict with the Savannah, GA-SC, CBC and to facilitate our entry into the
Ridgeway Kennecott Gold Mine (now in reclamation). Like all compilers, I
would sincerely appreciate any help.  The count has some interesting
territory to cover, from a 400 acre field that used to be a tailings
impoundment at the gold mine where a county record Lapland Longspur was
found on last year's count to a man-made Piedmont lake where a county record
Ross's Goose was found last year.  Lake Wateree, almost completely enclosed
by the count circle, is worked in part by boat.  For those willing to brave
the cold cold wind, there are always openings on the "boat party".  There
are also openings on every other territory party.

Come join us for some bird counting fun at Lake Wateree!  

Just the facts:

WHAT: Lake Wateree, SC, CBC
WHEN: 4 January, 2002, 7:00 am
WHERE: Lake Wateree State Park camp store

Donna Slyce Bailey
Winnsboro, SC
e-mail: dsbailey@conterra.com
URL: http://www.conterra.com/dsbailey
     "Where are the Birds?  Migration across South Carolina"