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Ibises and Gulls

Good morning all,

     Woke to some much needed rain here in NC. Arose about 7A, headed to the 
coffee maker, glanced out the back window and stopped in my tracks. My back 
yard and the adjoining golf course were covered in white ibises and ring 
billed gulls. I grabbed the binoc's and tried to count but I gave up after 
about 60 of each. There was also one dark ibis in the group but I couldn't 
distinguish between an immature vs a glossy. I suspect the above is not a 
strange sight for you native North Carolinians this time of year, but it was 
quite a sight for this transplanted Yankee!!  And, for my PFW buddies - not a 
count day. (sigh).

     Also, to the carolina readers, where is the best area to go and see some 
of the native shorebirds?  I've been up to Cape Lookout, but that was still 
during the tourist season when the isloated areas weren't so isolated. I'm 
residing in Hampstead and am not sure to look for breeding areas, etc. 

     Have a wonderful day all!

Melody in Hampstead, NC