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More re Snowy Owl

Dear C'Birders:

 Taylor Piephough, Anne Giles, and Ron Clarke and myself  thought we were
the first to come across the Snowy Owl at Ft. Fisher.  So sorry Ron, we are
going to have to change the T-shirt to read the  "SECOND GUY TO FIND THE
SNOWY OWL".  We had no idea at the time (11 AM-ish) that Bruce had already
found it earlier.

And thank goodness I was invited to go along.. ..I had just made my 100th
attempt to find my unnamed nemesis bird and stumbled across Taylor's Party
at the entrance  to the off-road road.

Taylor did a great job pishing up both Sharp-tailed and Seaside sparrows all
in one place on the flats a mile or so down that road.  Between showers with
the light just perfect they were very cooperative and showed themselves

I marked the post with a blue plastic cup and an arrow of sticks in the sand
pointing to where you should look for the Snowy.  This was about 50 yards
from the Bald Head Island sign, just look to your right.  And it is about
150-200 yards away but easy to see.  (Just drive as far as you can where the
barrier is that has the Bald Head Island sign.)

Hope it stays there, but it is a long walk without 4-wheel drive, so don't
delay and get your party together with a 4-wheel drive!!!

Taylor asked me to post this sighting.

Good luck,
Mary McDavit, Sunset Beach, NC