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lark sparrows

In response to interest in seeing the lark sparrows.  If you are coming
from Rocky Mount on 43 when you intersect 264 around Greenville, exit
east towards Washinton, N.C. until you get to the stop light past the
fairgrounds.  Go through the light to the next intersection at Parker;s
Free Will Baptist Church and take a left onto Old Pactolus Rd.  Go
through the next stop sign which is approximately 1 and1/2 miles, and
continue past the Bradford Creek clubhouse about a 100 yards.  There
will be a dirt path on the right.  The birds were seen on this path
approximately 50 yards up on the left along the growth beside the
ditch.  They worked up and down the path between the light poles.  Some
times they perched together on the wires .  Once you get up to the next
ditch area you can turn left and go across the field to the sand pits.
The entrance to the sand pits has been blocked off from Old Pactolus Hwy
but I have met the owners out there several times and they have not
expressed a problem with birding the area.  The birds could be anywhere
in the adjacent shrub fields.  Feel free to call me if I can help.
758-0658 or 756-5244.

The directions from Raleigh would be the same.  Exit at the Washington
exit as you get into Greenville before the hospital area and continue
around the 264 loop.

Ken Harrell