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More on Saturday Fort Fisher tides

I decided to check the tides on the Internet.  Went
to www.noaa.gov and found that the ocean beach
peak high tide for the Fort Fisher area on Saturday will be
pretty much right at 7am.  Used the "Wilmington Beach"
site--this is Carolina Beach-Kure Beach.  If I were 
planning to drive out Saturday, I would probably get
there about 8am but be prepared to wait.

Getting there at 8am could get you past the lower area
at the beginning of the ORV trail, which could possibly
get some flooding from the Cape Fear side.  If this
were to happen, it might be more in the 9am-10am range.
Perhaps someone from the Wilmington area could offer
input as to how likely it is that the beginning of the trail
might flood.

I fondly remember the 1999 Christmas Bird Count
(I think it was 1999) when virtually the whole barrier
was submerged.  Made for some great birding!

John Fussell
Morehead City, NC