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sparrow fields

Hi Carolinabirders,
	This morning Paul Rogers and I birded the sparrow fields outside Samworth
WMA.  Lots of sparrows one rare one. 24 species. Best birds were: 2 Black
Vultures overhead, Accipiter sp probably a Cooper's Hawk, a covey of 12
Another injured or sick female Bobwhite was on the side of the road. We
stood over her and eventually coaxed her to the edge of the woods seemed to
be moving slow but was alert. Seven sparrows-a few towhees, one field
sparrow, Savannah Sparrow-numerous, one GRASSHOPPER SPARROW, Song
Sparrow-many, Swamp Sparrow-numerous, White-throated Sparrow-some. 
	We were promised a cold front today, but no dice.
Good birding, good company


Jack Peachey
Conway, SC