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Need suggestions for birding locales near Ravenel, SC

Dear Carolina Birders,
  I'm looking for birding suggestions for the
southwest Charleston area, particularly specific
locations/directions (from the Delorme guide),
possible target birds, and any other ideas.
  My husband, his 11 year-old son, and I will be
visiting relatives in Ravenel, SC the last weekend in
December. We'll have time to bird Saturday and Sunday
so I'm traveling armed with my scope.  
   With internet searches, I've located sketchy
information on the Edisto Nature Trail (part of the SC
State Trail Program) off of Route 17, Edisto Beach
State Park, Santee NWR, and Francis Beidler Forest. I
know we'll be near the ACE Basin National Wildlife
Refuge (open on Sunday only R/T hunting???). 
   Thanks for whatever assistance anyone can provide.
Ann Oliver, 

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