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Re: LeGrand & Lynch

Hi everyone.  Regarding the article about Merrill Lynch and Harry LeGrand -
I've heard it's wonderful too.

If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of "North Carolina Afield", I'm
sure the NC Field Office of The Nature Conservancy would be pleased to send
you a copy.  You can call them at 403-8558, or stop by the office at One
University Place, University Drive, Durham.

Of course, I'm sure they'd like you to share the magazine with all your
friends and remind everyone of the good work TNC does, especially around
year end charitable giving time...  ;-)

Toni Rexrode
Durham, NC

(aka TNC Southern Resource Office, Office Manager)

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> Two Carolina birders, Harry LeGrand and Merrill Lynch are featured in a
> nice article in the latest issue of "North Carolina Afield," the magazine
> put out by the NC chapter of the Nature Conservancy (TNC).  The article is
> not on their web site, unfortunately.
> Merrill works for the NC chapter of TNC, and Harry works for the NC
> Heritage Program.  Both of these (may I call them) gentlemen have been
> important chroniclers and contributors to conservation issues for many
> years.  And they have seen a few birds during that time, too!
> Nice article.  Check it out if you can find a copy.
> Norm
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