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Ash-throated Flycatcher in Alligator Refuge

	Yesterday while participating in the Alligator River NWR CBC, Josh Rose
relocated the Myiarchus flycatcher that was first reported last week by the
Blue Ridge Bird Club. Three of us watched and caught glimpses of the bird
for quite a while until finally the bird flew out into the open. We noted
the pale gray breast blending into a pale yellow belly, the thin bill, the
rufous on the underside of the tail and the slender build of the bird
(compared to a Great-crested Flycatcher). It was an Ash-throated Flycatcher!
	This morning (Monday), Wayne Irvin, Russ and Patricia Tyndall and I
relocated the bird again and got really good looks for several minutes. The
bird is located at the junction of Long Curve Road and Link Road in the
small, triangular patch of mixed deciduous and evergreen trees on the left.
Enter the refuge off highway 64 onto Milltail Road and proceed to Long Curve
Road which is the first road to the left. Turn left onto Long Curve and
proceed approx. one mile to Link Road and park on the left side of the road
without blocking the gate. DO NOT enter the restricted area beyond the cable
regardless of where you may find the bird!
	While in the area you may wish to look for an Eastern Kingbird which was
also seen on our count sunday (by Amalie Lewis Tuffin). To look for the
kingbird continue down Milltail Road instead of turning left on Long Curve.
It was seen on Milltail Road at its junction with Koehring Road, only a
short distance down the road.
		Jeff Lewis - Manteo