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Rough-legged Hawk in Cabarrus County


Just got word from a Carolina Raptor Center employee that she saw a
Rough-legged Hawk 4 days ago in the agricultural fields at the intersection
of Lower Rocky River Road and Hickory Ridge Road south of Harrisburg. I went
looking for the bird today, but could not locate it. There are several
fields that extend a far bit off the roads in this area, so at any given
time the bird may be difficult to locate if it is indeed still present. I
wouldn't advise anyone to go out of their way to come look for it. Just
thought I'd pass the sighting along for what its worth.

I might add that this is the time of year that folks may get a visit from
someone else other than Santa via the chimney. A couple of weeks ago, we
rescued a Barred Owl from a chimney. The outstanding home owner decided that
the bird should promptly be encouraged to leave the chimney by smoking it
out with a burning newspaper. Thanks to this remarkable attempt, the bird
will spend the winter at the Carolina Raptor Center and be released
following the upcoming molt. Today I rescued an owl from a chimney and
fitted it with a radiotransmitter. One less owl I'll need to otherwise
capture. Owls may enter chimneys seeking refuge from inclimate weather or
looking for a nest site. If anyone in the Charlotte area (Mecklenburg,
Cabarrus, Gaston counties) gets an owl stuck in the chimney, Barred
particularly, give me a call at 704-595-9661. 

Eric Harrold
Charlotte, NC