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berry raids

A new yard species and a defeat for our local mocker.  The mocker has
valiently defended the dogwood berries against all comers except two
species. A Pileated Woodpecker a couple of weeks ago was allowed to feed
uninterrupted.  Today a flock of Rusty Blackbirds came in.  The flock came
by at least three times.  No berries are obviously left on the trees.

The local Flickers the mocker chases fearlessly.  The mocker chased one
flicker to its death through a window collision a couple of weeks ago.  What
deters the mockingbird appears to be large size or large flock.

The other unusual, for us, visitor was a fox sparrow.  I was able to look
out of a window and within ten feet compare four species of sparrows -- fox,
white throated, song and chipping.

And now Susan Campbell reports hummingbirds in Fayetteville!  Great.

Sue Pulsipher
Linden, N.C.