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Clemson hummer update


The imm. female Rufous has apparently moved on.  She did not come to the
feeder this Am and I did not see her yesterday afternoon or evening. We
still have not seen the other female???since Jan. 2. I  will  still keep
the feeders thawed and up every morning in case she returns.
It was great having that "little jewel" in my winter sky!!

My yard is still "busy"... The Bluebirds were waiting this morning for the
warm "bath", and Ruby-Crowned Kinglets scolding for their turn at the
peanutbuuter suet. Yellow-rumps and Pine  warblers, Carolina wrens, and a
Downy woodpecker all gobble it up. I still have an Eastern Phoebe landing
on a perch near a large back yard bird "pond"..."bugging" it on warm days.
She came up and landed on my deck railing yesterday. With it being 21 this
morning  I'll have to break the ice again!

No other unusual visitors. I have many Cardinals, Goldfinches, and Titmice.
One of my neighbors saw a Pileated this past weekend.  We saw a pair this
summer and one Young one  feeding on the dead trees in our yard and our
neighbors. Will they eat peanutbutter suet spread on a live tree as well as
a dead tree??
Thanks for everyones information and interest about the Hummers!

Clemson, SC