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RE: Monk nest

Well, since Michael brought it up...  I also think that this situation calls 
for a good eco-samaritan act.  However, I dont think that the people in that 
community would approve of someone pulling up with a pellet gun (the 
extreme) and eradicating them.  They just like the pretty birds.  They think 
its special, and dont see the potential disaster that could result.  
However, I agree, that by some means these birds should be made captive 
again (probably not possible) or...  Though I dont like to see any bird in a 
cage, I certainly dont like seeing parrots in Nash County.  That my 2 cents. 
  Who makes the call?  I mean its looking like they are suviving winters up 
here well enough to start/sustain a population.  Lets just hope that the two 
birds left are of the same sex, at least.

Jason Bulluck
Masters Candidate
Department of Biology
Appalachian State University

>From: "Eagan, Michael" <MEagan@stantec.com>
>To: carolinabirds@duke.edu
>Subject: RE: Monk nest
>Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 09:43:00 -0700
>	Having recently moved to NC from Florida, I was very disheartened to
>hear that there are Monks moving here also.  In Florida they do build large
>nests around electric poles, sub-stations, palm trees (not many here) and
>other similar habitats.  They can be very destructive to crops as
>demonstrated in Florida.  I would think that control or eradication of this
>invasive species would be in order.
>	Mike Eagan
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