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RE: Hand-feeding

>While I don't mean to dampen any enthusiasm, let me make just a quick
>observation on hand-feeding.  Please observe "universal precautions" when
>hand-feeding - wash your hands with soap before and after hand-feeding wild
>birds.  Most avian diseases cannot "jump species" (are not zoonotic) and
>cannot be commmunicated to humans.  Most human diseases cannot "jump
>species" and cannot be communicated to birds. However, there are a few
>diseases that can be communicated between species and spending just a
>washing your hands is a sensible precaution - for you and the birds. 

Hi Donna,

I completely agree and thank you very much for that idea.  Don't think I
ever gave that concious thought before but I surely will in the future.

Thanks again, take care.
Craig Armstrong
Chapel Hill NC