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Re: Ivory-billed WP updates

I remember an evening on the N.C. State Univ. campus many,
many years ago, when someone walked into the classroom
I was in and said that there was a Clapper Rail outside in
an elm tree.  I thought for a second, realized it was April 1,
and responded "April Fool'".  But he continued to claim that
there really was one.  So I went outside and there it was!

John Fussell
Morehead City, NC

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Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2002 5:22 PM
Subject: Re: Ivory-billed WP updates

> I wonder how many of the biologists conducting the field work, as well
> as the rest of us eagerly awaiting the results, are concerned that the
> reputed sighting a few years ago took place on April 1. Though the
> observer has been grilled under great pressure and appears to be
> it still is a bit of concern that a phantom bird was reported on that
> date, a bad date to be reporting a rare bird without a photo or voice
> recording. (A hint to us in the Carolinas, as well; if you report a
> bird on April 1, you better be prepared to face nay-sayers!).
> Harry LeGrand
> "Stephen J. Perry" wrote:
> >
> > >Hi Folks,
> > >
> > >No update on the Zeiss web page now for 3 days....maybe they've
> > >found one and aren't tellin'   ;-)
> > >
> > >Steve
> >
> > It's now been updated: still no sign of an IBWP though. All this
> > anticipation is playing havoc with my blood pressure ;-)
> >
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> > Steve Perry
> >
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