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Micro-habitat, Harnett County, NC

      This morning on my way back to Fayetteville from a visit to flooded 
Upper Little River at US 401, I stopped at Stewarts Creek.  US 401 
crosses it south of Bunnlevel.  The crossroad signs say Byrds Pond Road 
and Byrds Mill Road.  However, the DeLorme atlas (p. 62) calls the 
crossroad Nutgrass Road and the collection of homes Fonville.
      The 401 bridge over the creek is far enough from peoples' homes 
that you can walk around without bothering anyone.  There is a wide 
grassy shoulder on the west side of the highway south of the bridge.  I 
checked the swamp area west of the bridge, the creek between 401 and the 
crossroad on the east side of 401, and the creek on the other side of 
that crossroad.  In a half hour I turned up 8 species, including downy 
and hairy woodpeckers, wood ducks, lots of white-throated sparrows, a 
towhee, Carolina wren, titmice, and chickadees.  I expect that there 
will be warblers at the site this spring and summer.
      I heard more birds than I listed. I wouldn't be surprised to find 
or hear a red-shouldered hawk there.

Robert C. Perkins, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Methodist College, Fayetteville, NC 28311
910-630-7037     rperkins@methodist.edu