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couldn't resist..

Hello friends,

I left the list a short while back as I only have a computer here at work
and didn't seem to have the time to focus on my work with all the email
activity (I'm on some other lists too).  Seems I have more time than I
thought, and I miss the shared interest in our winged family.

Anyway, I come back to you with a question.  Does anyone have any idea why
at least one sex of all the woodpeckers in no our area have at least some
red on their head?  I'm curious to know if there is a scientific explanation
of this?  I know red isn't rare in the bird family, but it seems common
through all of our woodpeckers?  And if not all, then definitely most (none
come to mind that don't)!

Happy to be back on list, have a great day all!

Craig Armstrong 
Chapel Hill NC