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No Trumpeter Swan at Bear Island

Hi C-Birders,

Today Caroline Eastman and I returned to Bear Island WMA in Colleton County,
SC. We found much less than we did a week ago. At 6 PM six swans came in to
Marys House Pond. There were all Tundra Swans. I expect the wintering swans
there have pretty much cleared out. We will just have to wait until next
year, when you can bet we will check out each and every swan very carefully.
You can actually do this in South Carolina, since 150 swans is a lot for us.

Our best birds at Bear Island today were one American White Pelican and
three American Avocets. I was interested in the fact that we found at least
a dozen Wood Storks. This species has begun over-wintering in southern SC in
good numbers, which has unheard of just a few years ago.

Spring is beginning in the South Carolina Low Country. I can hardly wait.
Here in Columbia I got my first spring migrants last Friday -- Fish Crows.
Members of this species, which rarely winter with us, have returned in good
numbers. It won't be long until the Yellow-throated Warblers and Bachman's
Sparrows start singing and the Purple Martins return.

Robin Carter
Columbia, SC