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Hilton Pond 02/01/02 (Moss Balls?)

HI . . .

"This Week at Hilton Pond" was a big one--our 40,000 banded bird 
since 1982 and the first Pine Siskin in several years. There are 
photos of them both, as well as a photo essay about a mysterious ball 
of green moss that we found in the center of a red cedar tree.

Please visit the Web site for Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural 
History by clicking on http://www.hiltonpond.org/ThisWeek020201.html 
to visit the week of 1-7 February 2002.

As always, we've listed bird banding totals for the week, plus the 
records of some interesting "old" banded birds that have returned 
again to Hilton Pond.

Please don't forget to forward this message to folks who share our 
interest in nature.  :-)

Happy Nature Watching!


BILL HILTON JR., "The Piedmont Naturalist"
Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History
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"Never trust a person too lazy to get up for sunrise or too busy to
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