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Brown Pelican sighting on Halifax/Northhampton County border

Here are several bird sightings my father reported to me.

Elisa Enders 
student, North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC)

Please report that a fisherman familiar with Brown Pelican from the NC coast 
reported seeing a Brown Pelican Tuesday March 18th on the Roanoke River at 
the Rich Square-Scotland Neck bridge on US 258.  The bird took a shad from a 
fisherman's line (which unhooked); the fishermen then threw things at the 
bird which flew off. (Legally Northampton County, actually on border.)
And American Egrets (3+) are back at Bellamy's Lake in Halifax County (as of 
March 17, Monday), visible from I-95 northbound.

Frank Enders