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Re: Shrikes, snakes and nest boxes

I don't make a habit of killing snakes. Personally, I really don't have a
fear of them. But I tried in vain to run this snake away and if you read
closely, I didn't want any further harm to come to the babies inside since
they had already lost their mother. My yard is not the "Wild Kingdom" or
"Wild America" show and I cannot just always idly sit back and watch mother
nature taker her course. Especially in this instance.

You can believe me nor not but that male bluebird was telling me all about
the snake as he was practically in my face along with a mockingbird. If at
all possible, after this brood leaves the nest, I will try and attach the
box to a pole with a barrier.

I felt guilty that this was how we handled the matter but like I said I just
could bear to have that snake devour the nestlings. Once I had a snake eat a
box full of chickadees and to this day that box has not been used despite
having moved it to a different location.

Ginny Gillam
Edenton, NC