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Friendly chickadee

 What a wonderful discovery to find this group!  This is my first
post so I hope I'm doing it right.
    I am just South of the Ace Basin (the  tundra swans should have left
Bear Island by the full moon this week, so some of you may see them
northward bound).
    I have a story to share.  About two weeks ago I was sitting on the
deck when a Carolina Chickadee flew down and perched on my knee and
stayed for a few seconds. As soon as he left,  I bolted in the house to
get the bird book to verify my identification.  I just got my new
Sibley's Guide open to the Carolina Chickadee section, when back he came
and perched right at the top of the open page and posed for a quick
comparison to the pictures.  Where was my camera when I needed it!
    Also, about a month ago I saw what must have been little hooded
mergansers swim by on the Spring tide.  I saw them two or three days in
a row, and haven't seen them since.
    I am a beginner at this, so if I'm boring or simplistic, just let me
Kris Cox, Beaufort, SC