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Waterthrushes and E.O. Wilson

I was out at the Johnston Mill Preserve again this morning and saw a
bonded pair of Waterthurshes foraging and courting at the confluence of
the two creeksand thereafter heard at least two more waterthrushes at
various points along New Hope Creek. But the most interesting thing was
two separate species of snakes sunning themselves on exposed rocks int he
middle of the stream. One of these was huge totally dark grey with no
visible markings and was very close to where one of the L Thurshes
probably has its nest (I saw it disappear into a tangle of sycamore roots
hanging over the creek). 

My question:
Some days ago a birder reproted about a recent book by EO Wilson and
mentioned that the book is well worth reading. I have lost that email and
am wondering if someone on line can send me the title of the book. By the
way even though it is strictly off the topic I find mentions of useful
natural history books (and not just N Carolina-related books) a very good
feature of this discussin group. I sincerely hope that people will
continue to send brief messages about good reads in natural history. THis
is a specially useful feature for those of us whose professional lives
range very far from ecology/natural history and who depend, therefore, on
the recommendations of those better informed.

Shantanu Phukan

Lecturer in Urdu-Hindi & Indian Literature
University of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill
Curriculum in Asian Studies
Alumni Hall 413C
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27599