PTO Manual of Classification for US patents

PTO Manual of Classification for US patents

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Class Number: 162

Subclass  Subclass
Number    Title

  2       .Animal fibers
  3       .Mineral fibers
  4       .Waste paper or textile waste
  5       ..With organic agent
  6       ..With chlorine, chlorine compounds, oxygen, ozone, or
  7       ..With sulfur or sulfur compound
  8       ..With alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, or ammonium compound
  9       .With chemical or physical modification of liberated fiber
  10      .With non-fiber material added to product
  11      ..Fiber supplied constituent
  12      ..Added to web or article
  13      .With formation of web or article
  14      .Including recovery of organic by-product
  15      ..From digester relief gases
  16      ..From waste liquor
  17      .Continuous chemical treatment or continuous charging or
  18      ..With compression, squeezing or compacting of fibrous material
             during charging
  19      ..Plural diverse stage treatment
  20      .With decortication or mechanical preparation of textile fibers
  21      .Defibration by projection or explosion
  22      ..With chemical other than water or steam
  23      .Mechanical defibration in the presence of heated gas or gas
            under pressure
  24      .Chemical treatment after start or completion of mechanical
  25      ..With additional chemical treatment before start of
  26      .Simultaneous mechanical defibration and chemical treatment
  27      .Mechanical defibration of logs or blocks after chemical
  28      .With plural or specified mechanical defibering step
  29      .With regeneration, reclamation, reuse, recycling or destruction
            of digestion fluid
  30.1    ..With destruction of organic ingredient in or smelting of
  30.11   ...Treatment of kraft pulping chemicals
  31      ...Flames combustion
  32      ...Liquor from digestion using organic compound or including
              element other than Na, Ca, Mg, O, C, H or S
  33      ...With mixing of liquors from different digestions
  34      ...Plural diverse digestion of same fibrous material
  35      ...Residue converted into liquor different from original liquor
  36      ...Sulfur dioxide or sulfite containing spent liquor
  37      ..Digestion fluid reused on different fibrous materials
  38      ...With addition of chemicals prior to reuse
  39      ....In digester
  40      ...Without treatment or modificationn
  41      ..Recirculation (includes separation from fibers)
  42      ...With treatment of fluids during recirculation
  43      ....Removal and/or separation of portion of recirculating fluid
  44      .....With recombing
  45      ....With addition of chemicals to recirculating fluid
  46      ...Steam only
  47      .With heat recovery
  48      .With cleaning, preserving or conditioning of apparatus
  49      .With testing, sampling or analyzing
  50      .Utilizing electrical or radiant energy
  51      .Digestion odor control
  52      .Charging and/or discharging fibrous material
  53      .Vacuum treatment
  54      .Freezing
  55      .With classifying, separating or screening of pulp (solids from
  56      .With squeezing, compression, rubbing, kneading
  57      .With agitation or forced circulation
  58      ..In rotating vessel
  59      ..Closed circuit circulation
  60      .With washing
  61      .Regulatory
  62      ..Concentration of chemicals
  63      .Gas, vapor or mist contact
  64      ..Sulfur dioxide
  65      ..Oxygen, ozone or air
  66      ..Chlorine containing material
  67      ...Chlorine dioxide
  68      ..Steam only
  69      .Non-continuous liquid phase
  70      .Treatment with particular chemical
  71      ..Treatment of ground-wood or sawdust
  72      ..Organic
  73      ...With inorganic chlorine containing material
  74      ...Chlorine containing
  75      ...Fat, fatty oil or higher fatty acid
  76      ...Acids, salts or esters
  77      ...Alcohols or phenols
  78      ..Per-compound (e.g., peroxide, perborate)
  79      ..Heavy metal or aluminum containing
  80      ..Phosphorus, boron or silicon containing
  81      ..Nitrogen oxide, acid, or salt thereof
  82      ..Sulfur containing
  83      ...Sulfur dioxide or sulfite
  84      ....Plural diverse stage treatment
  85      .....Chlorine containing material in at least one stage
  86      .....Alkali metal, ammonium, alkaline earth metal or magnesium
                hydroxide or carbonate in at least one stage
  87      ..Chlorine containing
  88      ...Plural diverse stage treatments
  89      ....Alkali metal, ammoninum, alkaline earth metal or magnesium
               hydroxide or carbonate in at least one stage
  90      ..Alkali metal, ammonium, alkaline earth metal or magnesium
             hydroxide or carbonate
  91      .Particular raw cellulosic materials
  92      ..Fossilized, (e.g., peat)
  93      ..Bark
  94      ..Bambooo
  95      ..Cotton fibers or linters
  96      ..Sugar cane, bagasse or cornstalks
  97      ..Cereal grasses or straws
  98      ..Bast (e.g., flax, hemp, jute, ramie, sisal)
  99      ..Non-wood
  101     .Pore forming in situ (e.g., gas generation)
  102     .Utilizing non-aqueous suspending medium
  103     .Including solid non-waterlaid preform
  104     ..Between separately formed webs
  105     ..Metallic
  106     ...Electrical conductor
  107     ..Glass
  108     ..Woven fabric or parallel strands
  109     .Non-uniform, irregular or configured web or sheet
  110     ..Watermarking
  111     ..Creping and/or crinkling
  112     ...With coating and/or laminating
  113     ...With additional deformation
  114     ..By perforating
  115     ..By fluid pressure
  116     ..By configured forming mold
  117     ..Subsequent treatment by irregular or configured die
  118     .With winding or roll forming
  119     ..With coating
  120     ..With cutting and/or removing material
  121     ..With heat
  122     ..With pressure
  123     .Multi-layer waterlaid webs or sheets
  124     ..With non-fiber added between layers
  125     ..Layers of different properties
  126     ...Color
  127     ...Organic additive
  128     ...Inorganic additive
  129     ...Fiber
  130     ....Dimension
  131     ....Orientation
  132     ..Separately formed webs subsequently united
  133     ...On common felt or carries (non-mold)
  134     .With printing and/or variegated coloring
  135     .With coating after drying
  136     ..With treatment subsequent to coating
  137     ..Plural layer coating
  138     .Electrical or magnetic product characteristic
  139     .Cigarette paper
  140     .Safety, identification and fraud preventing paper
  141     .Plural fiber containing
  142     ..Undigested cellulosic fiber
  143     ..Animal or proteinaceous
  144     ...Leather
  145     ..Mineral
  146     ..Synthetic (including chemically modified cellulose)
  147     ..Waste paper or textile waste
  148     ..Non-wood
  149     ..Fibers of different dimensions
  150     .Undigested cellulosic fiber
  151     .Animal or proteinaceous fiber
  152     .Mineral fiberr
  153     ..Asbestos
  154     ...With Portland cement
  155     ...With organic additive
  156     ..Glass
  157.1   .Synthetic fiber (including chemically modified cellulose)
  157.2   ..Synthetic resin
  157.3   ...Polyamide, polyester or polyurethane
  157.4   ...Polymerized unsaturated compound
  157.5   ....Hydrocarbon or halohydrocarbon
  157.6   ..Cellulosic
  157.7   ...Regenerated cellulose, viscose or rayon
  158     .Non-fiber additive
  159     ..Fire proofing agent
  160     ..Preservative or antioxidant
  161     ...Biocidal
  162     ..Coloring agent
  163     ..Fiber supplied constituent
  164.1   ..Synthetic resin
  164.2   ...Ion exchange resin or molecular sieve
  164.3   ...Epoxy containing reactant
  164.4   ...Silicon containing
  164.5   ...Sulfur containing
  164.6   ...Nitrogen containing
  164.7   ...Ester type
  165     ...Phenol-aldehyde
  166     ...Amine- or amide-aldehyde
  167     ....With additional organic reactant
  168.1   ...Polymerized unsaturated compound
  168.2   ....Nitrogen containing compound
  168.3   .....Acrylamide containing
  168.4   ......Heterocyclic N or S or epoxy component
  168.5   .....Heterocyclic N or S or epoxy component
  168.6   ....Hetero S or epoxy component
  168.7   ....Ester type
  169     ....From polyene compound
  170     ..Natural hydrocarbon gum (rubber)
  171     ..Bitumen
  172     ..Wax
  173     ..Hydrocarbon
  174     ..Protein
  175     ..Carbohydrate
  176     ...Cellulose (non-fibrous)
  177     ...Cellulose derivative (e.g., cellulose ester)
  178     ...Gum
  179     ..Fat, fatty oil, or higher fatty acid
  180     ..Natural resin
  181.1   ..Inorganic
  181.2   ...Metal salt other than silicate
  181.3   ....Sulfate or sulfite
  181.4   ...Metal oxide or hydroxide
  181.5   ....Metal other than alkali metal, magnesium, or alkaline
               earth metal
  181.6   ...Silicon containing additive other than clay
  181.7   ....Alkali metal silicate
  181.8   ...Clay
  181.9   ...Free metal or free carbon containing
  182     ..With preparatory chemical treatment of fiber
  183     ..Incorporation proceduress
  184     ...Application to formed web
  185     ....Part added to furnish or pulp
  186     ....On mold
  187     .Hydration and/or gelatinization
  188     .Non-uniform internal structure
  189     .Reclamation, salvage or reuse of materials
  190     ..White water
  191     ..Broke or trim
  192     .Utilizing electrical or wave energy
  193     .Lead strip forming and/or guiding
  194     .With cutting and/or slitting
  195     ..Fluid deckle or shower
  196     .With folding or twisting (e.g., roving)
  197     .With stretching, tensioning, decurling, flexing or breaking
  198     .With measuring, inspecting and/or testing
  199     .Conditioning, preparing or repairing of apparatus
  200     ..Wire stringing
  201     .Combined processes
  202     .Running or indefinite length work forming and/or treating
            processes (e.g., web)
  203     ..Forming single web between opposed forming surfaces
  204     ..Subsequent treatment of formed web
  205     ...Pressure
  206     ....With heating and/or cooling
  207     ...Heating, cooling, gas or vapor contact
  208     ..Treatment of slurry on mold surface
  209     ...Vibration or agitation
  210     ...Pressure member
  211     ..Inhibiting or restricting drainage through mold
  212     ..Directing slurry into association with mold
  213     ...Projecting or slinging stock
  214     ...Pressure forming
  215     ...Counter or transverse of mold movement
  216     ...Mechanical treatment of slurry in head box or approach flow
  217     ..Suction through mold
  218     .Article forming processes (pulp molding)
  219     ..Plural stage deposition
  220     ..Pressing with flexible diaphragm
  221     ..Treatment subsequent to removal from forming mold
  222     ...Surface treatment
  223     ...Reshaping (i.e., changing configuration)
  224     ...Heat and/or mechanical pressure
  225     ....Boards or sheets
  226     ..Applying heat to work on forming mold
  227     ..Applying mechanical pressure to work on forming mold
  228     ..Accretion from bulk
  229     ...Vibration of mold and/or slurry
  230     ..Separation from mold or core
  231     .Articles
  232     APPARATUS
  233     .Digester
  234     ..With mechanical defibering means
  235     ...Concurrent
  236     ....Continuous
  237     ..Continuous
  238     ..Automatic control
  239     ..With recovery means
  240     ...With incinerator or evaporatorr
  241     ..Plural
  242     ..Combined
  243     ..With pulp agitating or circulating means
  244     ...Rotating digester
  245     ..Removable basket or retaining means
  246     ..Charging and/or discharging means (including blow pits)
  247     ...Target, impact, explosion
  248     ..Forced circulation or percolation of fluid only
  249     ...With heating
  250     ..Heating means
  251     ..Strainers
  252     .Automatic control
  253     ..Of plural operations
  254     ..Of stock working device
  255     ..Of lead strip former and/or break sensing
  256     ..Of mold movement
  257     ...Transverse movement of wire
  258     ..Of stock consistency
  259     ..Of stock feed to forming device
  260     ..Of product cutting device
  261     .With beating, refining, and/or disintegrating means
  262     .Electric controls or systems
  263     .Measuring, testing, inspecting, indicating or illuminating
  264     .White water or broke recovery, recirculation or treatment
  265     .With coating or impregnating means (including printing)
  266     ..Acting on product on mold
  267     .Molding pulp and non-pulp insert or preform
  268     ..Running or indefinite length work
  269     .With product stacking or piling means
  270     .Flexing, bending, straightening or decurling means
  271     ..Sheet or web
  272     .Apparatus repair, cleaning or conditioning
  273     ..Wire changing and/or tensioning
  274     ..Of porous or foraminous member (e.g., felt or mold)
  275     ...Means applying fluid
  276     ....To cylinder
  277     ....Reciprocating
  278     .....With suction means
  279     ....And suction means
  280     .Web creping or crinkling type
  281     ..Cylinder and doctor
  282     ...Circumferentially grooved cylinder
  283     .With product winding or reeling means
  284     ..Tube winding type
  285     ...With tube cutting or slitting means
  286     .With cutting, scoring, perforating or tearing
  287     .With folding, rolling or twisting means
  288     .Molding and burnishing means
  289     .Running or indefinite length product forming and/or treating
  290     ..Molding and heat exchange means
  291     ..Moving impermeable member applying stock to mold
  292     ..Means flinging or projecting stock against mold
  293     ..Product slides relative to molding surface (e.g., extrusion
  294     ..Mold intermittently moving relative to supply
  295     ..Concave molding surface in longitudinal or transverse section
  296     ..Irregular or configured molding surface (e.g., corrugated))
  297     ..Pneumatic pressure or vacuum means acting directly on stock on
             mold surface
  298     ..Plural separate streams of stock applied to mold
  299     ...Longitudinally spaced points of application
  300     ..Plural molds or plural spaced areas of application on a single
  301     ...Common vat or stock feed
  302     ....Tangent cylinder molds
  303     ...Molds converge to unit web
  304     ...Webs united on common carrier (e.g., felt)
  305     ..Molds with subsequent separate pressing means
  306     ..Means removing web product from molding surface
  307     ...Blow off acting through mold
  308     ..Means treating stock on molding surface
  309     ...Irregular treating member or acting non-uniformly across web
  310     ....Fluid jet or suction means (e.g., shower deckle)
  311     ...Submerged in supply
  312     ...Solid treating member
  313     ....Moving
  314     .....Rotary
  315     ..Means directing stock into contact with molding surface
  316     ...On to under surface only of mold
  317     ...Confined stock stream on forming surface (e.g., pressure
  318     ...Cylinder mold with endless forming belt about
  319     ....Superposed or lateral stock pool
  320     ...Superposed or lateral stock pool type
  321     ....Cylinder mold
  322     ...With diverse non-pulp material inlet
  323     ...Immersion vat type (e.g., cylinder machine vat)
  324     ....Stock flow direction reversing means
  325     ....Stock directed transversely of mold direction
  326     ....Stock applied at plural points on mold periphery
  327     ....Baffles diverting or directing flow against cylinder mold
  328     .....Concentric with cylinder
  329     ......Adjustable to or from cylinder
  330     ....Fluid level control
  331     ....Side seals
  332     ....Mold hanging
  333     .....Centerless
  334     ....Mask, deckle or apron
  335     ....With drain or suction means, for white water
  336     ...Flow box, slice, and/or approach flow
  337     ....Recirculation skimming or excess stock take-off
  338     ....Transversely crossing inlet into flow box
  339     ....Closed to atmosphere
  340     .....Air cushion at above atmospheric pressure
  341     ....Vibratile or moving member treating stock
  342     .....Immersed rotary member (e.g., rectifier roll)
  343     ....With vanes or pulp stream dividing means
  344     ....Slice
  345     .....Plural, longitudinally spaced
  346     .....Width adjustment
  347     .....Flexible or pivoted
  348     ..Flexible endless band type mold (e.g., Fourdrinier)
  349     ...Concurrently moving back up
  350     ...Variable slopee
  351     ...Means retarding or controlling drainage through mold
  352     ....Wire bottom scrappers or deflectors
  353     ...Mask, deckle, or apron
  354     ...Table structure
  355     ....Vibrating or shaking (e.g., shake frames)
  356     .....Perpendicular to plane of wire
  357     ..Cylinder molds, per se
  358.1   ..Press and felt
  358.2   ...With felt structure or felt composition
  358.3   ...Extended nip press
  358.4   ....With impermeable belt structure or impermeable belt
  358.5   ....With heating means
  359.1   ...With separate heated drying means
  360.2   ...Plural sequential presses
  360.3   ....Having three or more coacting rolls (e.g., compact
               press, etc.)
  361     ..Solid means acting on formed web
  362     ...Marking or embossing
  363     ..Suction devices
  364     ...Systems
  365     ...Reciprocating
  366     ...Adjustable width
  367     ...Traveling suction face
  368     ....Rotary pervious cylinder
  369     .....With non-rotating internal suction box
  370     ......Plural suction areas
  371     ......Box carried seals
  372     .....Shell structure
  373     ...Roller face (suction not through rollers)
  374     ...Wear face structures and materials
  375     .With heat exchange means
  376     ..Heated foraminous forming mold
  377     ..Heated die
  378     ...Contacting work on forming mold
  379     ....Plural successive heated dies
  380     .Slurry supply conditioning or condition maintaining
  381     .Combined
  382     .Foraminous forming mold for discrete articles (pulp molding)
  383     ..Differing areas of porosity or of suction on single mold
             surface (including masking)
  384     ..Centrifugal
  385     ..With moving slurry supply container
  386     ..With handle or hand grip
  387     ..Accretion from bulk (i.e., immersed mold)
  388     ...Means moving mold through, into or out of slurry
  389     ....Relatively moving or separate mold and suction backup
  390     ....Plural and/or compartmented slurry container
  391     ....Rotary or swinging carrier
  392     .....With compressor
  393     ....Reciprocating carrier
  394     .....With compressor
  395     ....With compressor
  396     ..Press felting (i.e., pressure member acting on pulp on mold)
  397     ...Plural molds (cavities)
  398     ....Plate or sheet type (i.e., opposed flat platens)
  399     ...Plate or sheet type
  400     ....With cores (e.g., molding of apertured plates))
  401     ...Flexible diaphragm
  402     ....About foraminous core
  403     ...Contracting matrix
  404     ....About foraminous core
  405     ...Expanding and/or contracting core
  406     ...About foraminous core
  407     ..Mold charging means
  408     ...Pressure charging
  409     ...Plural discrete areas of mold
  410     ..Article ejecting
  411     ..Dipping molds, per se
  415     .Compressor
  416     ..Configured die (non-planar)
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  *       ******************************
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  *       DIGESTS
  *       ******************************
  DIG 2   Chip soaking
  DIG 3   Wetting agent
  DIG 4   Pitch control
  DIG 5   Alpha cellulose
  DIG 6   Moisture and basic weight
  DIG 7   Water collectors (e.g., save-alls)
  DIG 8   Chlorine-containing liquid regeneration
  DIG 9   Uses for paper making sludge
  DIG 10  .Computer control of paper making variables
  DIG 11  ..Wet end paper making variables
  DIG 12  Seasoning